Recent Apple News

In an article on MacWorld by Dan Moren, Apple topped the latest Consumer Reports survey on PC tech support.  Apple scored an 86 out of 100, with the next closest brand, Lenovo, scoring 63 out of 100.  However, another really interesting fact came out of the survey.

According to Consumer Reports’s data, Apple also solved a best-in-category 82 percent of readers’ problems; the nearest PC brand was Dell, which reported 61 percent of problems solved. One wildcard? The second place result actually fell to local stores that built custom PCs, which scored a 78 out of 100 on Consumer Reports’s scale, and solved 71 percent of problems brought to their attention.

We’ve known for a long time that for our business to succeed, we would need to fill that customer service gap left by the large manufacturers such as Dell and HP. It’s really great to see we’re not the only ones, to a point where Consumer Reports has been able to quantify it in a customer survey.

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