Microsoft trying again with Windows 8.1

Microsoft is hoping to get a fresh start with developers and tech enthusiasts on Wednesday, when it kicks off it’s BUILD Developer Conference.  It’s goal?  Convince the IT community (and through them, businesses and consumers) that the upcoming Windows 8.1 is relevant, useful and a worthy successor to the wildly popular Windows 7.

It’s a tough climb.  As a recent PC World article states, Windows watchers worldwide remain skeptical.  Microsoft is expected to spend the first day of the conference previewing the changes coming in Windows 8.1, and convincing developers to develop software for the new platform.  But really, what is changing?  Is it still going to be the chaotic mix of Start Screen and desktop?

According to recent information from Microsoft, a lot of usability features are being fixed.  While they are bringing back the Start button, the Start menu is still gone.  However, new tile views, the ability to set the same desktop background in both Start Screen and Desktop Screen, and the ability to boot straight to desktop instead of the unfamiliar Start Screen will go a long way to improving the look and feel of Windows 8.1.

But will the new version be enough to rescue Windows 8 and help Microsoft gain ground in advancing your desktop computer?  We’ll see on Wednesday, when the world can get a look at what’s coming.

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