How to have the best typing experience possible

It may sound weird but if you are interested in happy hands while typing it is actually best to go old school. In the world of keyboards that means mechanical. Most modern keyboards are what we call membrane. Membrane keyboards work by compressing a rubber like layer that when pressed completes an electrical circuit and triggers the keyboard to communicate the key press. This type if keyboard is very cheap which is why they are the most common type but they do have disadvantages. They require you to bottom out the key and lack tactile feedback. The combination of these two factors means extra effort is required by the fingers and this places stress on the hands.

Mechanical keyboards were one of the first type ever released but now come with a variety of switch type. The core principle between all of them is that instead of compressing a membrane they have a mechanical switch that is activated by the keys compression. The position and resistance of this can vary widely depending on make and manufacture. They typically make a loud clacking sound and require slightly more force to be fully compressed. The advantage they carry is that they don’t need to be fully compressed unlike membrane keyboards. This means that typing can be faster and easier on a mechanical versus a membrane, also many people also enjoy the tactile feedback the keyboards offer as it feels smoother on the fingers compared to its membrane counterpart.

The main disadvantages mechanical keyboards have is their higher cost and noise. The cost is usually mitigated by the durability that is common for this type of keyboard. They are also less prone to shorting out due to water spill. In terms of noise pollution, there are newer mechanical switches out today that are much quieter. Many typists also grow attached to the sound after a short period of time.

The higher price usually dissuades people away from them but for any serious typists or gamers I always recommend a mechanical keyboard. If you spend serious amounts of time using a keyboard it is money well spent and your hands will thank you, even if roommates and significant other’s do not. If you would like even more information about mechanical keyboards or their history the link below is an excellent resource for you. If you have any questions we would love to talk to you about it either over the phone or in store.

Mechanical keyboard guide

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