Tips On Home Computer Security

Ensuring that your computer remains secure as you browse the web is critical for you protecting your identity and preventing computer infections. Many people, however, pretend like the threats don’t exist and browse the web, clueless of what could happen.

The good thing is that staying secure online isn’t all that hard. First and foremost, its critical for PC owners to have a full-featured, up-to-date antivirus program installed on your computer. There are free options available, but we prefer BitDefender, a highly ranked solution that costs around $30.

Once the software is installed, be sure it remains up-to-date and run a full scan every 30 days or so. If you are alerted to an infection, follow the recommended steps to try and circumvent the threat.

No matter what type of computer you use, the second most important thing to ensure is that your computer receives all of the critical updates from the operating system. The Mac operating system as well as Windows will alert you when an update is ready, but it up to you to allow the update to be installed. We recommend installing all updates as they patch security holes and sometimes provide fixes to known problems.

While these tips are the most important things to remember, there is much more that goes into maintaining security. For that, we offer classes on computer security and maintenance, designed to help everyone understand. Ask a representative for a schedule or check out the online class calendar and register for a class today.

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